Ode to a new year!

New year, new me! Right? Well, at least it’s a new year to try! Do you have any new year’s resolutions? New Goals? Picking up an old goal you lost sight of perhaps? Well, I am going to give a few a chance this year. So far on my list is:

  1. Lose weight! (I know, everyone does this but I definitely need to get back to being healthy!)
  2. Be a better mom (Not get so frustrated and so mad at myself for things I can’t control)
  3. Keep myself on task more! take advantage of every minute!
  4. Keep on top of the mountain of laundry! I swear that stuff multiplies (except for socks!!!).
  5. STICK TO THE BUDGET!!!!!!! I cannot put enough exclamation points next to this! I nag my husband a lot about this but I know I can be just as bad when it comes to crafting supplies!
  6. Create a shopping list and stick with it! I am so bad about forgetting things then having to go back all the time because I would make a list of things I would forget and then get home and realize I had forgotten something else! It doesn’t help when I usually have my two kids in tow and they are asking for something or nit picking at each other.
  7. SPEAK MY MIND!!! I am really bad about keeping things in and trying to avoid confrontation, but it’s not healthy to keep it bottled up and my goal is to just let it out and whatever happens happens (bring on the family drama!)
  8. Keep this blog on track and up to date! I really need to stay on top of this.

I’m thinking that this is a pretty good start so far as I am sure my list will grow throughout the year. You will definitely hear about these throughout the year and if I am actually sticking with it or not. Good luck with all of your resolutions as well! I truly hope and pray that they all work out for you!


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