Way too long!

Well, it has been a while since I have been able to get on here and get another post going! Way too long! Between stomach bugs (apparently, Linda Blair has nothing on my son with his not so lovely exorcism re-enactment) and pinched nerves and, well, life, It has been pretty hectic in my house! We went to the zoo with my daughters class the day before school was let out for the summer. My husband called that afternoon and was like, “well, I haven’t seen any news reports about more kids in the animal exhibits so I take it everything went ok.” Surprisingly, my 4 year old son was really good. Like, Pod-people-have-taken-over good. I think he just liked the fact that he was being pulled around in a wagon and didn’t have to use a lot of energy! Me on the other hand…Well, I definitely got my exercise that day.

Now, I am trying to slowly get ready for camping. We are going in about 2 weeks and all we have is a tent! I have no food, but at least we have shelter! Trying to think positive. Especially with my back the way it is, pinch nerve and all. Not to mention the family drama that may ensue while there. We go to “family camp’ every year. It is at a campground on the other side of the state that we have gone to since I was little. We had so many fun times there as kids, and I truly cannot wait for my own children to make their own memories there, I just hope my aunts can set aside their issues for the few days that the kids, my husband and I will be there. If not, I really have no issues just going off and doing our own thing. They have so many activities and things now that they never had when we were younger, so I plan on definitely taking advantage of that, not to mention the putt putt course and lots of bike rides. I also pray that my kids are behaving (let’s face it, 4 and 6 can be difficult to say the least!) and aren’t running off every which way, which they are very good at.



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