Making Crystals!

The kids and I did an experiment over the weekend that they absolutely loved! You can find a video for it here on Youtube by emmymade.  She walks you through it step by step which is very helpful, because with 2 kids trying to help and do it at the same time, it can get a little crazy! She mentions that she had originally gotten the info from the blog Dans le Lakehouse.  In the blog post, Tanya (the blog creator and DIY enthusiast) talks about how you can also make your crystals bigger and better! You can never go wrong with bigger and better.

Here are the things you will need for the experiment:

  • Powdered Borax
  • pipe cleaners (either white or the color of the crystal you are making)
  • Heat proof glass container (we used regular Ball brand canning jars)
  • measuring spoons
  • scissors
  • pencil or skewer
  • string
  • food coloring

first, We made a form with the pipe cleaner.  We just twisted them around a few times and I let the kids form them however they wanted.  secondly, I tied a piece of string around the pipe cleaner, long enough for it to be suspended into the borax solution, with enough room so that the pipe cleaner doesn’t touch the sides or bottom.

Third I boiled water in a separate pot.  After that was boiling, I poured it into 2 separate jars, filling them up about a cup each.  We then added 3 scoops of borax to each jar and stirred vigorously. Then we added the food coloring. My daughter added pink and my son used blue, their favorite colors!  We then let them sit over night.

This is how they turned out. Well, my daughters. My son won’t let his out of his sight for a second so trying to take a picture wasn’t really working out!

We are definitely going to try it again like she suggests with her round 2 attempt! So glad we found this and we tried it out! The kids loved doing it!

Go check out emmymade‘s youtube channel and the Dans le Lakehouse blog as well! Both have awesome DIY crafts and things that I am definitely adding to my list of things to make, not like it wasn’t long already!


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