Chip off the old block… Darn it!

Have you ever found yourself disciplining your child, only to remember that you did the same thing as a child? I have found myself in this position quite a lot lately. Both of my children have always been fearless.  Apparently that function did not quite develop fully in their little minds. Between that and the fact that they usually have a fairly high pain tolerance, things get pretty interesting around here.

The other day, I had to repeatedly remind my son that sliding down the banister of our stairs is not safe, especially with a 50 gallon fish tank right next to it! I can only imagine the scenarios and how they would play out ending with fish flopping on my living room floor and a pool of nasty fish water dripping through my wood floor into the basement and me in tears having to clean it all up!

Later that night as I sat down on the couch, the kids in their beds and a glass of wine in my hand, I thought back to when I was a child growing up in the same townhouse complex we live in now.  I remember doing the EXACT same thing that I had just disciplined my son for doing, and how much fun it was!

I also have had to have quite a few talks with my daughter about how antagonizing her little brother and getting him in trouble was not nice at all and that, if she doesn’t knock it off soon, that she will be getting twice the punishment that her brother gets.  The other day, they were screwing around and my little guy wound up getting hurt.  I could hear her say, “wait, no, don’t go tell mom. Do it to me. Really. Do it to me. You can. I promise.” I suddenly had a flashback to playing with my sister and how I used to say that any time she got hurt, which, with us and our lack of gracefulness, was quite a few times!

Needless to say, I sat there and drank my glass of wine and thought back to growing up and what my mother must have felt like having to deal with all of it and how my kids have turned out like me! God help us!


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